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y'all should be ashamed
(02-21-2013, 05:07 AM)
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Originally Posted by -PXG-

I really want to believe this was completely real-time, and not CG or "in engine" bullshit. Something tells me it's legit but other things tell me that they purposefully made it look rough in some spots to make it look like game play, when all it's really just a target render

If you watch the 1080p trailer, you'll see shadow flickering, some shimmering on objects when light is applied (much like we see in current gen games), pixels on objects in front of particle effects (the very beginning), much like the Gran Turismo smoke issue, and the slightly off looking blur effects, which looks console quality and not quite CG quality.

All those show that this is definitely running on hardware. CG wouldn't have these inaccuracies. Anyone who says this is CGI is utterly wrong.