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Tomorrow drops Mass Effect 3: Reckoning, the fifth and final multiplayer expansion pack. As with the others, it will be completely free.
Here's the trailer:

BioWare just did a live stream of the pack, showing most of the new content being added. Here's the list:

  • Geth Juggernaut Soldier: Huge Geth unit. Cannot dodge or take cover. Cannot be staggered. Powers: Assault Pulse, Hex Shield, Geth Turret.
  • Turian Cabal Vanguard: Female biotic Turian, as introduced in Omega. Biotic abilities for dodge. Powers: Poison Strike, Nightshade Blades, Biotic Focus.
  • Alliance Infiltration Unit: EDI-like cyborg. Can uppercut because reasons. Powers: Tactical Cloak, Snap Freeze, Repair Matrix.
  • Krogan Warlord Sentinel: Gigantic hammer wielding Krogan. Cannot take cover or dodge. Rage regenerates health. Powers: Tech Armour, Biotic Hammer, Electric Hammer.
  • Talon Mercenary Engineer: Human mercenary armed with a tech bow because 2013 continues the "Year of the Bow". Powers: Trip Mines, Armor-Piercing Arrows, Concussive Arrows.
  • Awakened Collector Adept: Yes, a Collector. Assumed to be controlled by Leviathan. Powers: Dark Sphere, Seeker Swarm, Dark Channel.

  • Geth Spitfire Assault Rifle: A portable Geth Gatling gun.
  • Venom Shotgun: Explosive round firing shotgun. Charge to have rounds fragment into more explosives.
  • Lancer Assault Rifle: New assault rifle.
  • Blood Pack Executioner Pistol: One-shot-per-clip high damage Magnum-like pistol.
  • Chakram Launcher Assault Rifle: Explosive disk launching rifle.
  • Blood Pack Punisher SMG: Heavy submachine gun, good against armour.
  • Adas Anti-Synthetic Rifle: Electric based rifle. Shoots travelling electrical rounds (no hitscan).

  • Geth Scanner: Enhances radar?
  • Assault Rifle Ultralight Materials: Lowers weight of assault rifles.
  • Pistol Power Amplifier:
  • SMG Power Amplifier:
  • Shotgun Ultralight Materials: Lowers weight of shotguns.
  • Batarian Gauntlet: Replaces any class heavy attack with the Batarian's falcon punch. Looks great on a Volus.

I also thought it would be neat to look back at all the content added via these expansion packs, so here's a list followed by a total comparing the base content to expansions.
  • 6 characters (including Geth and Batarians)
  • 3 weapons
  • 4 consumables
  • 2 maps
  • 6 characters (including Vorcha, Quarian Male variations, and Cerberus Phoenix)
  • 3 weapons
  • 2 maps
  • 1 new game objective: package retrieval
  • 18 gear (new non-consumable upgrades)
  • 6 characters (completely new human classes)
  • 3 weapons
  • 5 weapon mods
  • 3 maps
  • 1 new game objective: combat drone escort
  • 11 gear
  • 1 new difficulty: platinum
  • 16 characters (including Turian Ghost and Volus)
  • 3 weapons
  • 3 consumables
  • 5 gear
  • 6 hazard maps (variations of the original six maps)
  • Challenges: new profile banner customisation and challenge system
  • 1 enemy faction (Collectors)
  • 2 units to exisitng factions (Cerberus Dragoon and Geth Bomber)
  • 7 characters (Including Geth Juggernaut, Turian Female variation, and Awakened Collector)
  • 7 weapons
  • 2 weapon mods
  • 4 gear
Mass Effect 3: Multiplayer (no DLC)
  • 18 characters (+male/female variations for humans) across six classes
  • 33 weapons
  • 24 weapon mods
  • 14 consumables
  • 6 maps
  • 3 enemy factions (Geth, Cerberus, Reaper)

Total Added via Free DLC Expansion Packs
  • 41 characters
  • 19 weapons
  • 7 weapon mods
  • 7 consumables
  • 7 maps
  • 6 hazard maps
  • 1 difficulty: platinum
  • 1 enemy faction (Collectors)
  • 2 units to existing factions (Cerberus Dragoon and Geth Bomber)
  • 2 game objectives
  • 38 gear
  • Challenge system + banners