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True, one can hope that there's a chance. But the probability is very small, seeing how the majority of the original creative talent is no longer at Relic, while their current focus is on getting Company of Heroes 2 out of the door, and continue the development of Dawn of War 3 (codenamed Atlas) *if* Games Workshop agrees to let Relic/SEGA continue working on the IP. Also, SEGA needs to pick up the Homeworld license in this situation if they ever want to have Relic make a HW3.

Furthermore, the fact that Creative Assemply is already working on a Warhammer game suggests that SEGA might position Relic as the 40K RTS studio.

I would probably guess that a decision on how to continue with the Homeworld series could be initiated by testing the waters with a GOG and Steam release to see how well-known and how relevant the brand still is today. Otherwise there are too many factors against a Relic-made Homeworld 3 scenario.

Games Workshop withdrew their objection entirely on 2/15 so my guess would be they reached an agreement with SEGA. The judge had originally declined to rule on it in order to give them time to figure it out