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Hey, so I accidentally created the worst thread on GAF?

Originally Posted by SupaNaab

I'm really curious how Japan feels about Skullgirls, I know it debuted as a #1 downloadable title but did reviews fair well? Has a fan base emerged? The only thing I've really noticed is that many seem to absolutely adore Marie. I assume translating the fundraiser has results in some significant support. Seems like all fundraisers should consider translators.

They like it, but it's hard getting the word out on a downloadable game. Famitsu and the other mags don't review them at all.

The few reviews I have seen have been very positive.

My favorite headline from one review is: "This isn't just another ero/guro/cute game! Play Skullgirls, the evolution of the 2D fighter!"

And we've been getting some coverage from indie game blogs and even Famitsu for the Indiegogo campaign. And, in fact, we've got an interview with coming soon, too!

We've seen a lot of Japanese support on the Indiegogo, too. There are a number of Japanese comments on the campaign, and people have provided guides to checkout, etc. to make it easier for people to contribute.

Also, interestingly, someone translated the JP campaign into Korean? Wonder if that will generate any Korean interest.

Originally Posted by Drkirby

Any chance we could see a Leviathan Dota 2 Item on top of the TF2 Item? The only thing is that I don't know who the item would fit on. Maybe Undying?

Working on these, as well as Big Band TF2 items.

We're proposing a Leviathan hook for Pudge, a coiled Leviathan shield for someone else, and trying to figure out a courier... maybe Minette?