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Originally Posted by Melizee

I wonder if SE will release/update anything interesting this month? They have some redemption in order after the All the Bravest stuff.

FFV might release this month. And the FFT HD update is coming. Square Enix Character Mail is also gonna get a huge makeover near the end of March, and new maps for Crystal Defenders are coming too.

Also, pre-registration for The World Ends With You: Live Remix is now open:
Players who register now get a "start dash set" when the game goes live in a few days.

Finally, I wanted to recommend Shadow Escaper:
It's a Temple Run clone released a few days ago made by CyberConnect2, the developers of the .hack series, Asura's Wrath, Solatorobo and many Naruto games, but it's actually way better than Temple Run IMO.
First you choose a character that must escape these angel baddies, they're the monkeys of this game. You play on a timer, once the timer is done so is your day, and at the end of the day your character turns into this huge monster and destroys the angels, the more orbs you collected the more damage you deal and the higher the score you get. After you're done with the day, a new one begins with harder obstacles/enemies and a sped up character. Each day gets faster and harder. The only "bad" thing is that you have Stamina that recovers over time, each time you play a stamina point gets deducted. You start with 15 stamina points but you can upgrade your gauge to get more points.
Screenshots since the iTunes page has those typical ones filled with words all over the place: