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(03-09-2013, 02:11 AM)
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Promised impressions from yesterday's Red Sun Gamer SS Multiplayer Party!
Playing with 2-3 friends is even better than in the demo, mostly because you don't have to repeat the same 4-5 quests again and again.
We've fought harpy and cleared the whole chapter 2 of the Avalon quests, so yay us. Most of the fights were easy, although the first Centaur fight and the Jack o Lantern x2 fight gave us trouble. The second one especially, blocking 2 rolling bosses is no easy task, especially when some of your party members (Jonnyram, DJMizuhara, I'm looking at you two :P) are underleveled.

Multiplayer was lag-free despite the fact that both RyougaSaotome and me were using pretty bad wifi connections. As for everyone worrying about the latency, you can stay calm. I've played the demo with the RSG mates/randoms who were in Japan from Europe and it was lag free as well.

One big gripe I have with the game until now is the lack of enemy variations. Sure, we have Gold Goblins, Booze Goblins, Poison Goblins and a few types of Orks (+Spiders and Crows), but I hope later quests will bring new ones. I'm kind of tired of killing the rat/cat fodder again and again.
That said, each new boss 'type' (since there are elemental variations of those as well, it seems) is a huge challenge and great fun. And there are a lot of those.

Last but not least, some screenshots (both from the demo-prologue and the full version). Mostly from my single player adventures, as I was constantly forgetting to take screenshots during the 3-4 player quests (Ryouga took a lot, so you'll have to wait for his sshots):