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Here's KH1's trophy list. Correct me if I'm wrong. If no one does the other two lists, I'll do them tonight, because I should probably get back to work now :P

KINGDOM HEARTS Complete Master -- Obtained all trophies.
Game Clear - Proud -- Clear the game on FinalMix:Proud Mode.
Game Clear - Begginner -- Clear the game on FinalMix:Begginner Mode.
Game Clear - Final Mix -- Clear the game on FinalMix Mode.
Unchanging Armor -- Clear the game without changing your equipment.
Undefeated -- Clear the game without using the Continue option.
Speedster -- Reach/Clear (I'm not sure which. Help?) The End of the World in less than 15 hours.
The non-existant one -- Defeat the Mysterious Man in Hollow Bastion.
The shadow that lurks in the Clock Tower -- Defeat Phantom in the Clock Tower.
The dancing sword in the sand -- Defeat Kurt Zisa in Agrabah.
Junior Heroes -- Clear the Phil Cup.
Newbie Heroes -- Clear the Pegasus Cup.
Coliseum Hero -- Clear the Hercules Cup.
Coliseum Master -- Clear the Hades Cup.
Cold Giant -- Defeat Ice Titan in the Gold Match.
One-Winged Angel -- Defeat Sephiroth in the Platinum Match.
Single Attack Champion -- Clear a cup in the coliseum with Sora alone.
Time Attack Champion -- Clear the time attack of a cup in the coliseum.
Stopped the level counter -- Reach lv100.
Treasure Hunter -- Opened 100 treasure boxes.
Millionaire -- Held over 10 thousand munnies.
Heartless Hunter -- Defeated 2000 heartless.
The adventure beggins -- Sealed the keyhole of Traverse Town.
Alice in Wonderland -- Sealed the keyhole of Wonderland.
Go to the distance -- Sealed the keyhole in Olympus Coliseum.
Will be in my heart -- Sealed the keyhole in Deep Jungle.
Whole new world -- Sealed the keyhole in Agrabah.
Wish upon a star -- Escaped from Monstro.
Part of your world -- Sealed the keyhole in Atlantica.
This is halloween -- Sealed the keyhole in Halloween Town.
You can fly -- Sealed the keyhole in Neverland.
End of the World -- Sealed the keyhole in Hollow Bastion.
Winnie the Pooh -- Sealed the keyhole in 100 Acre Wood.
Complete Record -- Completed all entries on Jiminy's Memo.
Storyteller -- Completed the "Story so far" section of Jiminy's Memo.
Searcher -- Found all of Ansem's Reports.
Professor -- Completed the "Character Encyclopedia" section of Jiminy's Memo.
Top Breeder -- Found all puppies.
Friendship -- Found all trinities.
Mini-game maniac -- Completed the "Minigames" section of Jiminy's Memo.
King of Synthesis -- Created all items in the Synthesis Shop.
Synthesis newcommer -- Created 1 item in the Synthesis Shop.
Synthesis begginner -- Created 3 item in the Synthesis Shop.
Synthesis senior -- Created 15 item in the Synthesis Shop.
Synthesis expert -- Created 30 item in the Synthesis Shop.
Gummi Ship Collector -- Obtained all gummi ship blueprints.
Flying Ace -- Defeated 2500 enemy ships.
Customizer -- Created your own gummi ship.
Top Ace -- Cleared all gummi ship courses.
Test pilot -- Clear gummi ship mission 1.
Top pilot -- Clear gummi ship mission 2.
Ace pilot -- Clear gummi ship mission 3.
Oathkeeper -- Received the Oathkeeper keychain.
Blade master -- Obtained all keychains.
Magic master -- Obtained all staves.
Guard master -- Obtained all shields.