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There's an announcement in Famitsu this week for Drag-on Dragoon 3. It's still an action RPG. No details on developer or publisher yet, or platform. There are two characters revealed, the main character is a girl called Zero, and her younger sister is One. Zero is an Utautai - some sort of person with special powers. She has a flower growing in her right eye. She also has an artificial left arm. Her sister One is another Utautai, but has a completely different characteristic compared to Zero.

Producer: Takamasa Shiba
Creative Director and Scenario: Yoko Taro
Character Design: Kimihiko Fujisaki
Music Director: Keiichi Okabe
Developer: Access Games
Publisher: Square Enix

- Ground combat missions and dragon aerial combat confirmed
- High speed action
- Zero uses a sword

More shit:

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Some more info:

The Utautai (Songstress) are people who exhibit the ability to manipulate magic using songs. The main missions in the game take place on the ground, and the power of the power of the player increases when exposed to blood splatter. Sounds like a M rated game like the previous ones.

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The game sure sounds like a hard M-rated game. Blood apparently remains on character clothing and skin (ties in with gameplay too I guess), Zero is a liberal minded woman who is open to sexual relations with multiple partners, the visual themes in the game appear to be "erotic" and "bloodstained", etc.

Can't wait to see some scans. :P