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This isn't an OT (you'll notice the complete lack of flair), but it is inevitable that we will have a new thread for this release, as we did for Binary Domain and other games before it. In any case I recommend looking at the actual OT by user Nemesis_, especially since it rivals the classic MGS4 OT in terms of presentation and scope. In this post I will cover what's changed in Resident Evil 6 / Biohazard 6 since it launched, what's new with the PC version, and general information that tends to be requested. Feel free to use this thread to discuss your impressions and criticisms. Also use it to meet up in the game with other members of GAF or ask for help.

$39.99 on Steam:
If you preorder it on Steam (not much time left) you receive: Digital artbook and soundtrack, a copy of Resident Evil 5, and the "DLC Season Pass" - i.e. the four DLC multiplayer modes.
Available DLC: Onslaught (see below) - $3.99

Screenshots, courtesy of NeoGAF user Spazznid. (More here.)

What's Changed?

RE6 has received a few updates (two main ones IIRC) and pieces of DLC since its release in October last year. I'll list the most notable changes.

*The camera/field of view can now be adjusted (out of the game). Players can adjust (respectively) the distance from the character while not aiming, while aiming, and the positioning of the camera while aiming. Comparison shots can be found in this thread.

*The very long chapters have been broken up into stages, much like how it was in RE5 (e.g. 1-1, 1-2). This makes it easier to stop a game and play another chapter without losing much progress.

*The harder "No Hope Left" difficulty has been added. This is a tougher version of the Professional difficulty and also locks away skills. It awards double skill points. (For difficulty-hungry players I can recommend jumping straight to this difficulty, but it can be a little too bothersome in Leon's campaign until you get access to stronger guns.)

*QTE Assist, previously only available for "Amateur" difficulty, is now available for all difficulties. What this option does is automatically perform QTEs for you. This does not mean every single button prompt, but as far as I can tell it does remove the "push button or die" moments (e.g. dodging a train).

*Ada's scenario can be played with co-op (using the "Agent" character, who is now also available for side content) and no longer needs to be unlocked. (The implementation of co-op is somewhat sloppy compared to the others. It isn't exactly the best campaign to play first, from a story perspective, either.)

*More Agent Hunt options have been added. These options include specifying stage, region, and whether infinite ammo is on or off. The mode is now available before clearing one of the campaigns (you will still be only be able to play areas if you've cleared them).

*Following the release of RE6, Capcom released four multiplayer modes and several map packs as DLC. All of this content will be appearing on the PC in some form or another. I do not believe all of the new DLC modes will be available from the start (correct me if I'm wrong). To be brief here are the four modes, with trailers explaining them linked:

-Predator (Ustanak vs Agents, take turns being Ustanak)
-Survivors (Agents vs agents, with dying players becoming monsters)
-Onslaught (The Mercenaries meets competitive Puyo Puyo)
-Siege (Agents protect a NPC from monsters)

All of the maps for extra content will be available in the game without having to purchase DLC (though they may have to be unlocked). This amounts to around 10 maps in total.

What's New?

The PC release of RE6 has unique advantages over previous iterations of the game. Of course there are the inherent strengths of the PC platform: 60 FPS, improved graphics, and a stronger modding community (there were plenty of small mods for RE5, so I'm looking forward to see what will be done here). I feel it is worth noting that the PC version does in fact have split-screen support (e.g. can play keyboard/mouse + controller).

Capcom and Valve have decided to work together in creating crossover content between Resident Evil and Left 4 Dead. On April 5th, you will be able to play as L4D2 characters (with unique loadouts) and face two L4D enemies in The Mercenaries and other side content. More details can be found in this thread. You may also want to check out this trailer.

The PC version of RE6 will also come with the unique "No Mercy" version of The Mercenaries. This continues the tradition set by RE5 in where a version of "Mercs" which has a greatly increased amount of enemies. This trailer shows you just how many enemies are on the screen at once.

Minimum specs
· OS: Windows Vista®/XP, Windows 7, Windows 8
·Processor: Intel® CoreTM2 Duo 2.4 Ghz or better, AMD AthlonTM X2 2.8 Ghz or better
·Memory: 2 GB RAM
·Hard Disk Space: 16 GB free hard drive space
·Video Card: NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800GTS or better
·DirectX®: 9.0c or greater
·Sound: Standard audio device

Recommended specs
·OS: Windows Vista®/XP, Windows 7, Windows 8
·Processor: Intel® CoreTM 2 Quad 2.7 Ghz or better, AMD PhenomTM II X4 3 Ghz or better
·Memory: 4 GB RAM
·Hard Disk Space: 16 GB free hard drive space
·Video Card: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 560 or better
·DirectX®: 9.0c or greater
·Sound: Standard audio device

The benchmark can be found here. (It seems the benchmark is harder to run than the game itself.)

What you should know.

The manual can be found here. There is also a popular tip thread that is often recommended for new players on GAF:

Here is a popular "order" to play the game through, which is both chronological and appropriately thematic. (I recommend it. If you plan on doing full campaigns at once, then I would recommend (though it is less established among fans) Jake -> Chris -> Leon -> Ada.)

Prelude Chapter
Chris Chapter 1
Chris Chapter 2
Jake Chapter 1
Jake Chapter 2
Leon Chapter 1
Leon Chapter 2
Leon Chapter 3
Jake Chapter 3
Chris Chapter 3
Jake Chapter 4
Leon Chapter 4
Chris Chapter 4
Jake Chapter 5
Chris Chapter 5
Leon Chapter 5
Ada Campaign

"Online Events", which give points to unlock special costumes (e.g. "PS1" looking Chris), can be found here.

At some point, I'll post popular mods here.

(Riposte's recommendations: Full co-op (except for Ada campaign), No Hope Left, Agent Hunt on, and the order posted above. Camera settings: 15/15/10. Follow at your own risk.)

Steam IDs - Add your own or look some up if you are interested in multiplayer (co-op, mercs, etc).

Have fun sliding into cover out there.