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(03-22-2013, 09:20 PM)
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For those who missed it, here's a compilation of known things:

-game is a TPS, an action game, with guns
-X360/PS3 release confirmed
-will use HAVOK physics engine
-heavy use of environmental effects and physics simulations
-they're looking for an animator with experience in "crowd animation". I'm thinking next-gen ganados V2 (job listing)
-most probable time to expect new info: month of April. Last year tango gameworks held their "Tango Night" on 22/4.

For the multiplayer: job listing 1, job listing 2 . "Experience in network programming in real-time game" and "Communication skills in development work in multiplayer"

I'm thinking ... COOP.


Job listings have been magically removed as of 28/03. You can still verify them on the tango website.