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Riposte didn't do Raid justice. It's a ton of fun. No time limit, but co-op-style missions through full-blown start-to-finish levels -- 20 levels, in fact, across three difficulties each, with 10+ characters, leveling up, customizable weapons, and so on.

And then there's the 21st level, Ghost Ship, which gives you the ENTIRE cruise ship, with multiple exits and multiple paths to the true exit, and every single enemy is on the ship, and go as high as lv. 50. It's brutal by the end, and trying to figure out which keys to pursue, which locked doors to take, etc, to reach the true exit without dying is FANTASTIC.

You can play solo, as well.

And the role-playing aspect in Raid is very addictive and well-done. As I said in another thread:

You start at lv. 1. You level up to lv. 50. Your enemies range from lv. 1 to lv. 50, as well. And in Raid, there are other twists like tiny versions of enemies that are super-fast (hilariously terrifying, in the case of the chainsaw monster), or supersized versions of enemies that are slow but tremendously strong and resilient.

Where the weapons are concerned... You have a variety of handguns, shotguns, machine guns, magnums and rifles. Each has a level -- the higher the level, the stronger the weapon, but you must match or exceed the level in order to equip. Weapons also have a randomized number of slots -- I think the max is like eight or 10. Each slot can house a "part," with the best parts being the "illegal custom parts" squirreled away in optional corners of the levels.

Parts can increase firing speed, hitting power, accuracy, ammo capacity, penetration (for striking multiple foes in one shot), and so on. There are even ones that increase your shots in power the closer/farther you are to an enemy, or that scale in power based on other factors. Some even increase or decrease the target's aggression once shot.

Naturally, the more slots your weapon has, the more ways you can power it up. This makes the pursuit of high-level, high-slot loot in the game VERY addictive, and adds to your incentive to level up, and complete levels on higher difficulties. You also unlock characters as you level up, which you can view in great detail in Raid's model viewer.

There are also other weapons, like decoy bombs that lure away enemies before exploding, and underwater bombs you can use, well, underwater. (And swimming controls are superior here to what they were in RE6, and I say that as someone who otherwise loved the mechanics in that game.)

And remember, there's no time limit in Raid. Unlike Mercs, you don't have the clock breathing down your back. Don't get me wrong, I -love- Mercs, but Raid is definitely a nice change of pace. Twenty-one levels, three difficulty levels, 10 characters (now 12 with HUNK and Rachel, and who knows what else).

And Ghost Ship is INCREDIBLE. With the heart-thumping music, and the HUGE challenge, it's a freaking adventure in itself. A Ghost Ship run can take a solid hour. No saving, no starting over, just BRACE YOURSELF.