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Originally Posted by Pyscho_Mantis

Some useless bickering going on in this thread.

The issues are:

2)That fucking see through walls bullshit (give us an option ND)

Most of these can be fixed. The only one i am disappointed in is the xray vision. Totally kills the mood and suspense of a survival horror and will make it easy.

Seriously we aren't, and if you treat this game as an action game or a survival horror game, rather than let the game teach you the "new" mechanics of this "new" genre, it game will be more difficult in an unsatisfying way. The game will teach you to think about combat differently, hard to do in a 30min+ demo, but that's a lot of what you see with the repeated deaths. The moment I tell someone - dont fall back to genre conventions for gameplay mechnaics, people start being far more successful in combat for this demo.

Listen mode is mapped to a button. Don't use it if you hate it, but it's not a massive advantage. You can't see things from across the map, only if they are making some sound, slows you down, etc. It will be a give and take. But if you hate it, and you want to be all hardcore, don't hit the button. You do have some self control right? :p