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Originally Posted by i-Lo

Well, at the end of the day, if the final result looks similar to the best current gen has to offer, technical trickery notwithstanding, then it really isn't worth the time or the money to upgrade to next gen.

Fortunately, Drive Club, KZSF and inF SS have had more time to bake in the moving performance target that is the PS4 which makes them look better.

After the particle demonstration I saw in KZSF (the most impressive portion for me) I'm flabbergasted at the comparative sparseness in the PS4 version of UE4 tech demo.

If the trend holds true, which logically it should given the nature of development on fixed hardware, games will surpass this visually underwhelming tech demo (regardless of how optimised/unoptimised it was when it was ported over).

I thought you were of the belief that MS's comparatively stable performance target (as would be reflected in their dev kits) should provide for a better first showing.

As for the MS part, Beta kits havent arrived at developer studios, but Durango kits have had 8 GB of RAM + in them since launch, so you will see what the fruits of those labours provide. Current Durango kits are rumored to be very loud and hot.