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Originally Posted by JaseC

I remember Totilo put together that article mere months after joining Kotaku, thereby spitting in the face of his fans here on GAF who'd hoped his presence would improve the blog's quality of content.

Totilo never wrote that article.

Originally Posted by Robin64

It's now 53 days past the original EU release date and there's been nothing said about a new date. Not a thing! At this point we can't even be sure it's actually ever coming out.

Did anyone ever find out why?
Were there any journalists that did journalism about it?

It's been delayed due to some localization standards. It'll be out when that's fixed. There are people working in it. Those standards have nothing to do with inappropriate words or adding u's to words too make them British (that'd be insane if that was the reason.) It's out on Steam right now in the EU, so if it was that problem, then those words would be in the Steam version.

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There were a lot of bugs in mine.

Do tell.