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(03-30-2013, 05:53 PM)
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Once again, Ghostlight shows their incompetence: after taking almost 2 years to release the European version of Devil Survivor: Overclocked (which doesn't introduce any additional languages or extras, it's just the US version with some small changes due to ratings/NoE requirements) messes up their final retail version of the game.

People on Gamefaqs, Twitter and Ghostlight's own blog have mentioned a game breaking bug and several crashes. You are not able to use the "Summon" command without having the game crash on you. There's also been multiple reports of people having the auction house crash on them when the seller has lied about the demon's stats.

Quote from a comment on the Ghostlight blog (related to the "Summon" command):

Hi guys! Loving DS:O so far, but unfortunately I have to report a bug. Every time I try to use the 'Summon' command, my game freezes and I have to reset the whole console :'(

Tested with: Free slots in teams; Slots in team with dead demons; multiple different battles, Free and Story.

I know other people have reported this, but is there any word of a fix? Is it likely to be patched?

Complaint on Twitter about the auction house locking up:

Bug in a character's bio:

Well, I'm baffled.