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(04-19-2013, 04:50 PM)
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So been working on the Japanese press release with a Japanese friend. The details pulled from it:

-Uses ID Tech 5, they say they are taking the engine a step further than it has ever been used and are utilizing a state-of-the-art lighting engine and a much more powered-up version of the engine than any game to date has used.

-Our main characters name is Sebastian, who is on the run from the cops. However, they end up in a place where he watches the cops get slaughtered one by one, and then gets knocked unconscious. When he awakens, he finds himself in a a sector of a facility, trapped in closed-corridors and defenseless against a giant (safe-headed?) monster that wanders these halls...

-Game is said to be trying to strike a balance between horror and action, and to but in the sense that one should be desperately struggling to survive and facing scenarios of unimaginable horror. They say they want to redefine horror, and seem to be going for a more difficult and intense experience.

-The game promises to have limited resources and be full of puzzles and traps. They want to fill the player with anguish, tension, and anxiety and send them off the deep end.

-They make a focus that enemies can easily kill the player, you'll have to be cunning and evasive to survive in these harsh conditions.

-This is a bit foggy, but it seems the player can experience random distortions that can happen in any area at any time, which changes anything from enemies, doors, walls, objects, or the like into terrifying nightmares that our character sees. These are random and change in real-time as well, it seems.

-They finish off saying that they want the game to start strong and continue with a growing feel of insecurity to grow as the game goes on. They also mention the game will have an in-depth world, and you're being hunted by something mysterious and dark.