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(04-20-2013, 08:03 AM)
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Originally Posted by AAK

I don't understand... why? Is this seriously because people wanted their money back when their voted character didn't make it into the final rounds of voting?

I think it's sketchy, but their logic sort of makes sense.

Basically, they are terrified of chargebacks. If we spend all the money and don't deliver and everyone chargebacks, Paypal is concerned they will be on the line for it.

So they are effectively treating it as a loan. I mean, the guy flat-out said, "Until the threat of chargebacks has passed, Paypal is effectively financing your development."

They also asked if we're good for the $700,000 if something goes wrong. I said "No," because, well... we're not?

The whole point of crowdfunding is to give us the money to develop stuff, not take out a loan.

If they don't resolve this early next week, I'm going to escalate with the CFPB, take it to the media, and probably broadcast the guy's e-mail address and ask people to send them a friendly note saying that they were not scammed and they trust us or something like that.

I am not fucking around with this shit.