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(04-20-2013, 08:31 AM)
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Originally Posted by alstein

Paypal is ridiculous.

Is there a time limit on chargebacks? If so, perhaps it would have been best to hold off the 2nd- vote until that limit has passed.

Depending on the card provider, chargebacks are a threat for a year. So... yeah, not delaying anything for that.

Originally Posted by SolarPowered

I can't imagine that IGG would want to sit still on this either. Having their most successful videogame campaign to date torpedoed because of Paypal does not look good for them. Someone needs to put Paypal in their place immediately before developers decide that Amazon payments are worth the hassle over IGG and their paypal setup.


Both IGG and Autumn have our backs.

IGG says some of their larger campaigns have been hassled by Paypal, but it's been rare. The Humble Bundle crew seems to have had some run-ins with them, as well.

And, yeah, I asked inXile and they have had no similar issues with Amazon Payments, despite dumping several times the amount we have into their bank accounts.