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From AJ_Wings:

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Since I can't create threads yet, there is a video interview by Ukrainian tech website itcchannel with 4A's Andrew Prokhorov the creative director for Metro: Last Light basically confirming the possible release of an SDK, 5 separate DLCs with different characters & stories from the main game and the release of the multiplayer version as a standalone down the line.

Here is the link from the Metro:LL forums where one of the members translated and highlighted the most important news from the interview. He also states that a PS4 version is confirmed:

Here is the link to the interview(Ukrainian):

Originally Posted by LLForums

- 4A games want to release an SDK and they plan to eventually, most likely paired with multiplayer.

- MLL multiplayer will be released as a separate project, something along the lines of a Xbox Arcade game. ETA: At least half a year after MLL release.

- Confirmed five DLC, story missions from the point of view of other characters. These are not cut content, work on these began after the game was finished.

- Season pass is a possibility.

- PS4 version. Will probably come with M2033.