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(04-25-2013, 10:52 PM)
Download link - go to the files section and grab the misc file "Simple Runtime Window Editor 2_2"

What is this thing and why should I care about it?

Good question. Simply, it's a tool that can be used to resize any running window. As for as screenshotting games is concerned, this will allow you to render games at resolutions such as 8K (or higher\lower). Depending on how the game renders in a window.

Scenario 1:

The game will re-render to any window size. Meaning you can use SRWE to change the window to 7680x4320, take a screenshot, then resize back to your gameplay resolution. The game will be running at that resolution, so your framerate could be very slow will trying to capture a screenshot.

Scenario 1:

The game does not properly re-render to the new window size, and instead just stretches. If this happens and you still want to run the game beyond your highest downsampling resolution (usually 3840x2160), then you'll need to force a custom windowed resolution in the game's configuration file.

I did this for Watch Dogs. I forced 6400x3600 and forced the game to run in windowed-borderless. When the game launches, the window is much larger than my desktop, so I can only see a small portion of it. You can use SRWE to resize the game back down to your monitor's size. Because the game doesn't re-render, it will still be running at the higher resolution and therefore screenshots will be captured at that resolution.

Step by Step guide:

  1. Download SRWE from here
  2. Set the game to run in windowed mode. Turn off fullscreen. Varies from game to game
  3. Launch game
  4. Click "Select running Application" and find your game's running executable
  5. The window will update with some numbers. You'll want to resize and reposition your game's window, as well as clicking "remove borders" if you want the borderless fullscreen look.

You can also save resolutions as profiles. Then you can load them from a file rather than entering the resolution manually. After you load a profile, it will appear in the quick profiles menu. Much easier to switch that way!

Here is an archive of all my custom profiles so far. Extract them into the same folder you keep your SRWE.EXE. That way you can find them much faster from the "load profiles" button.