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Download link - go to the files section and grab the misc file "Simple Runtime Window Editor 2_1"

First of all, Midhras has written a nice guide over on the Nexus which details how to use it for non-standard aspect ratios. He also includes the specific steps for Skyrim\Fallout 3, which can be difficult. I suggest taking a look at it. I'll be writing my own guide here as best *I* can, which isn't that great.

Read his guide here!

What is this thing and why should I care about it?

Good question. Simply, it's a tool that can be used to modify any running window. As for as screenshotting games is concerned, this will allow you to render games at resolutions such as 8K (or higher\lower).

I can use SRWE to play Alan Wake @ 4800x2700. This is because I can set a custom WINDOWED resolution via the game's resolution config file. Which beings me to an important point.

SRWE is only useful in games where you can set a custom windowed resolution via a config file, assuming the game will launch successfully at that resolution. This does not work for when playing games in a typical fullscreen mode.

Basically, SWRE allows you to take a 7680x4320 sized window and transform it into a 1920x1080 borderless fake fullscreen window for gameplay, but your screenshots will still come out to 7680x4320 to be resized\resampled later.

THAT'S CRAZY but how?
  1. Download SRWE from here
  2. Open the config file for your game (you do have one right? you've been reading? good!)
  3. Set the game to run in windowed mode. Turn off fullscreen. Varies from game to game
  4. Find the resolution and set it as high as you are comfortable torturing your GPU(s) at
  5. Save and launch your game!
  6. The game will probably appear to be much larger than your screen can display. Pretty unplayable. So switch to SRWE
  7. Click "Select running Application" and find your game's running executable
  8. The window will update with some numbers. You'll want to resize and reposition your game's window, as well as clicking "remove borders." Here is an example of how I have Call of Juarez setup:

The method of setting a custom resolution will vary from game to game. Some games won't launch at wonky windowed resolutions.

It's also worth noting that this is NOT GPU downsampling. This is a software resize, and therefore will look uglier in-game than normal downsampling. But this matters not, for we only care about screenshots, and the screenshots will look FANTASTIC when resampled via FastStone, Photoshop, etc etc. Think TiledShot.... only you're actually running the game at this resolution.
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