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(05-01-2013, 11:05 PM)
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So as part of the multiplayer strings leak (see this thread here), the titles to all of the game's cutscenes also leaked, and they apparently detail the whole plot, so be wary of where you go on the internet to avoid spoilers.

They're currently not included in the other thread I linked btw, so that's safe to look at.

Just a heads up to avoid spoilers.

Update: Multiple people are reporting being spoiled by 4chan, so we're probably at the massive leak stage.

Update 2:

Originally Posted by Aquamarine

From what I gather, so far there's been evidence that the leaks have appeared on:

IGN forums
Reddit's /r/Games
4chan's /v/
YouTube comments

Am I missing anything?

Update 3:

Originally Posted by Aquamarine

I just want to bring to attention that there is now MORE leaked information floating around the web about The Last of Us from the same source.

This leaked information expands on the initial cutscene title leaks by revealing all of the major locations within The Last of Us and when they take place within the cutscene titles.

So basically, yet another thing to watch out for.