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(05-21-2013, 03:06 PM)
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There's an official press release now:

人気ジャンルのマルチプレイアクションである本作は、PS Vita の持つ様々な機能を活かしながら、新しい遊び方を提案する完全新作です。プレイヤーは、近未来の荒廃した世界を舞台に、懲役100万年を科された咎人(トガビト )となり、自由を求めて戦います。巨大な敵である略奪者(アブダクター)に捕らわれた市民(シビリアン)や仲間を奪還するミッションに参加し、目的を達成するこ とで、課せられた刑を減刑していきます。オンライン機能は、最大8人までの協力・対戦プレイに対応しており、アドホック通信のほか、Wi-Fi経由での全国の仲間との共闘アクションをお楽しみいただけます。また、PS VitaのGPS機能やnear(ニア)を利用した遊びも用意しています。



PS Vitaの様々な機能を活かしながら、

Freedom Wars is a brand new game which aims to offer a new gaming experience in the popular multiplayer action genre by taking advantage of the PS Vita's unique functions. The player is a criminal in a post-apocalyptic near future, sentenced to a million years of hard labor, fighting for his freedom. By completing missions where you rescue civilians and allies who have been captured by huge enemies known as Abductors, you can reduce your sentence. The game supports a maximum of 8 players at a time in both co-op and competitive modes, and supports Adhoc and Wi-Fi Online functions so players all over the country can play together. The game will also support the GPS and Near capabilities of the PS Vita to enhance the gameplay experience.

Product Description

The Prison Cities known as Panopticon - Where all living things are sentenced to "a million years of hard labor"

In the near future, the world lies in ruins, and the outside world can no longer support life.
Humanity created cities known as "Panopticon" around the world, and continued to survive.
However, the various cities compete with each other for depleting resources and the research which can sustain life in harsh environments.
To control their own population, each Panopticon imposes penal labor on their people - The crime of living carries a sentence of a million years.
Those living under these conditions are known as "Criminals" and they are forced into aiding the war effort as "Volunteers".
For a chance at freedom, these "Criminals" fight to rescue captureed civilians.

This is a 8 player "Recovery" Multiplayer Action game made possible by the many features of the PS Vita!