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Since I'm all for taking polarizing issues and turning them into constructive exercises, I thought it fair to take nib95's OT and organize it a bit. He had quite a few 'doubles' on the list, plus, some issues really are non-issues (The name of the console) or not actually issues with the system itself (COD looking pants). Still it begged for some organization.

In addition, many of the problems are contingent upon ms's disorganization with regards to many of the policies it as of yet has not clarified, (ie, the used game issue). So, lets lump them into what is and is not confirmed, and what are issues with the hardware itself.


"Confirmed" Issues:
- Forced online activation for all games
- Massive emphasis on TV, services and non game related focus
- Live TV services available in US only at launch, requires separate device
- No self publishing for indie devs
- No headset included
- Over emphasis on Kinect interface
- Xbox One not being backwards compatible with the 360 games or accessories.
- Microsoft's failed attempts to correct PR with contradicting FAQ's, vague responses, misinformation.

- DDR3 confirmed instead of GDDR5
- Potentially Only 5GB of the 8GB ram available for games
- Only HDMI for output.
- 3 OS's? At best, confusing, at worst, a nightmare.
- Kinect needed to be plugged in for Xbox One to function
- Non-replaceable Hard Drive (though not as much an issue, as external drives are supported similar to other consoles. could be a repair issue, though)
- Console uses a large external power brick (Conflirmed by DF/Wired)
- Console is not designed to be placed on its side

Problems with the announcement itself:
- EA games prerendered using in game assets
- COD looked less than stellar
- Quantum break reveal was confusing

Unconfirmed issues that still need clarification:
- How much is this gonna cost?
- Complex used games system that is anti consumer?
- How the hell does game borrowing work?
- Charged fee for playing used games on non linked profile?
- Console that needs to be connected to internet every 24 hrs to play games? (Phil Harrison says one thing, ms backtracked a bit later)