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(03-20-2007, 09:00 AM)
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Ace Combat 6

- Xbox360, 2007
- Large scale aerial battles
- Xbox Live enabled: Battle Royale, Team Battle, Co-op, Leaderboards, tons of rule settings

New Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon

- Second Chunsoft x Pokemon project
- Slightly different format
- There's probably be 2 versions
- Story will be enhanced
- Will support Wifi

Sengoku Basara 2 HEROES

- Coming out in Winter 2007 for Wii and PS2
- New characters (30+ total), new stages
- Anime-style illustrations and artwork instead of the painting style in the original
- Anime versons of a total of 30 characters are being prepared.
- No Wiimote waggle play
- No major changes in the gameplay systems

Folks Souls - Forgotten Legend

- PS3, Game Republic
- Retitled Unknown Realms
- Coming out in June
- Action Adventure title
- Online features include uploading of user created dungeons and downloading of new quests


- 7th June 2007, 3990yen

Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+

- Cutscenes use the English voice track, but upon completing the game the Japanese voice track is selectable in Theatre Mode
- New cutscenes are voice in Japanese
- A brand new collaboration project with Disney will be announced within this year

FFXII Revenant Wings

- Ivalice locations like Giza Plains and Paramina Valley are shown
- Once you have completed a map in a mission you can return for Free Battle to gain items and experience
- In Free Battles the enemies' strength are modified based on special conditions (your level?)

Devil May Cry 4

- Only the PS3 version is featured this week
- Dante is playable
- Realtime style changing
- A new snow mountain area is shown and a new boss

Persona 3 Fes:

- New Personas include old favorites like Hell's Angel, Empusa, Paz, Calticaya, Sparuna, Alp, and Mara