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Originally Posted by cuyahoga

So this composer recently worked on a title "Nosgoth" for Square Enix and development outsourcing firm Psyonix (can't imagine they are a lead dev on a AAA).


First development,

Entirely spotted by Corlagon over at the Eidos forums.

Short version - in AMD's latest Crossfire Application Profile, there are references to multiple upcoming games in the files. There are multiple references to Nosgoth and War of Nosgoth:

Nosgoth is the world in which the Legacy of Kain games (I've heard of them) takes place.

Second development

Originally spotted by ArjanN on GAF, is this:

The image is from, a website that catalogues updates to the Steam database. The NOSGOTH image is part of the Steam Database.

The shape behind the NOSGOTH text is the symbol that adorns the Pillars of Nosgoth:

Third Development

From months ago of course:

Square Enix registered a web domain called War for Nosgoth.

What does it mean?

Something is happening. That it has Steam entries and references in AMD's latest drivers would suggest something far far sooner than I'd have anticipated. If this was the big Legacy of Kain sequel that fans had been waiting for - one needing years in development and lots of PR - I doubt we'd be seeing references in drivers and on Steam this early.

Could War for Nosgoth be some sort of upcoming PC game, not an "AAA" title but something akin to a F2P MMO or the like?

Not optimistic by this information. Hope I'm wrong.