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Originally Posted by farisr

The manual kind. Which is why I said this is the last time I will be doing it (since it takes a long time to do the initial load before the copy and paste now)

Dedication I know. LOL.

Put @yosp or #ps4nodrm in search field. Made sure that all tweets were being displayed. Basically, kept scrolling down until the first tweet popped up regarding this (after the initial bonus round thread). Select all, copy to notepad to not copy the images and what not. Delete all text before the top most tweet.

Select all copy, paste in word.

Find all - whichever term (so for overall tweets to yosp, searched @yosp, for #ps4nodrm I'd put that in). Every single term matching it gets selected, cut, paste in another word document.

Find & replace that term in that document with whatever, and then the "replaced x amount of times" gives you the number of times that term was used. Reason why I did't post exact numbers is because some tweets post the hashtags multiple times.

Got to the point that I had to use multiple word documents to count the #ps4nodrm overall count due to the program I use not being able to fit in anymore characters (without any spaces in between) in the document.

Ahhh, you're insane good sir!

I've got access to some industry monitoring tools which have access to the Twitter Firehose, so if you want stats I can just pull them out periodically without too much effort.

Currently I've got

13,964 total tweets for #ps4nodrm. 8311 of those are tweets and 5653 are retweets.
Impressions total 9,328,867.
#ps4usedgames is the most used hashtag within those tweets at 6,748.
3544 #ps4nodrm tweets mention @yosp

I've got bucketloads more data, so if you're curious for something else hit me up. :D