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EDIT: For clarification Cross Universe shenanigans dont count (lol SMash Bros./PSABR/Soul Calibur means everybody is in the same universe hurrrr....)...same with references for the sake of references like Samus in Mario RPG

Soul Calibur is set in the 1600s of the Tekken-verse, it is less apparent though as the games go on, but very apparent in Soul Cal 2 and Tekken 5

This was one of my first posts...still pretty proud of it because I see no mention of this connection anywhere else, and im pretty sure im the first to notice it

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Woah after a half a year of waiting to get approved I can finally post this
Both the Soul Calibur series and Tekken series are in the same universe, although tekken takes place hundreds of years in the future, besides the obvious (Yoshimitsu) there is an awesome easter egg in Tekken 5

Tekken 5:

Soul Calibur 2:

the "Pirate's Cove" stage is the same stage found in Soul Calibur 2, but after a hundred or so years of plundering

It's pretty heavily hinted that ZOE and MGS are in the same universe, but separated by a few thousand years

DOA and Ninja Gaiden share many similar characters

So are there any other series set in the same universe that goes beyond marketing tie ins (a bad example would be Dante in Shin Megami, as it was just a guest spot, not a universe tie in)?