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Originally Posted by Refreshment.01

Also very interesting comment from Nomura, Wii U not having the capacity to support equivalent features from DX11 API and how impacts game development, plus obviously the huge gap between the PS4/X1.

This is false, what is thruth on the other hand is that the API used by Sony for development is not DX 11, which is a different matter. The hardware is fuly DX 11 compliant, which seems not to be the case with the U.

Holy shit. My reply to you AGAIN from just a few pages ago.

Originally Posted by Shin Johnpv

I could have sworn I've specifically replied to you about this very same thing before. DX11 added 3 main features to the DX standard over DX10.1. The big main 2 were tesselation, and compute shaders. The 3rd addition was better support for multi-core processors. The only things we need to be looking at here are Tesselation and Compute Shaders. DirectCompute can be run on AMD 10.1 hardware. DX11's flavor of tesselation couldn't directly be run on the tesselators found in AMD's chips do to not supporting certain function calls of DX11. That said though other API's could absolutely make use of the Tesselators. Now it is a given that the Tesselators that followed were much more efficient, than the ones found in AMD's 7xx line of chips.

We know from the leaked specs that were confirmed by multiple insiders that the Wii U GPU supports Compute Shaders, and we know from Shin'en confirming that it supports a tesselator.

So the two main features added by DX11 over DX10.1 are there, though yes the Wii U hardware is not as powerful as the XO/PS4, but were talking feature set not power. Also yes DX11 spec parts are going to be more efficient, and also support shader model 5.0 but the main feature set is there.