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(06-20-2013, 07:10 PM)
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So I’ve seen some comments in some areas of the games media interpreting Nosgoth’s existence as something that was somehow ‘pulled’ from the cancelled Dead Sun game. Obviously it’s always fun to try and suggest conclusions, and that's completely understandable when there’s not a lot of information around (which will always be the case with something like a cancelled game).

But I can categorically confirm that Nosgoth was a separate game from the beginning and is very much a unique game in its own right. It was related to the single-player game in terms of a shared art direction, but was always set in an entirely different time period and features different mechanics, characters, levels and gameplay. It isn’t and never was just a multiplayer version of the single-player game.

Personally, I can’t wait to show you exactly what we’ve been working on.

EDIT: Just for clarity, had Dead Sun shipped then Nosgoth would have been its multiplayer companion game. However, to categorize it as the "the multiplayer component of Dead Sun pulled out and fleshed out" isn't really accurate, nor does it do the game justice IMHO.