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Does anyone else feel like Naughty Dog are Sony's Ace card now? I adore Sucker Punch, Guerilla, Polyphony and SSM, and Ready at Dawn and Bend seem pretty good as well, but none of them have smashed it out of the park like ND have this gen.

On the Western front, both ND and SSM are pretty much the big two.

- ND have pretty much proven their worth in a huge way. So, SCE will cater to their needs. Also, Uncharted isn't going away, as if it wasn't obvious already. It'll be back. But, they will inevitably return with something else too. Whatever they do, their games are quality, so they're a showcase developer for SCE.

- SSM is SSM. God of War is the biggest action franchise there is, and massive IP for SCE. Now, they also have a new IP in the works to create something different and build another franchise. Considering the level of quality with God of War, this could be pretty amazing.

- GG has talent and whilst Killzone has been successful, it didn't quite explode like Uncharted or God of War. Now, they have the opportunity with their new IP to have a bit of a fresh start and build themselves into a top tier SCE developer. I'm curious to see if they can deliver, but I feel a genre change will do them good. They're big enough to do both FPS and something else.

- Sucker Punch has a lot of expectation on them. Personally, I think they will rise to the occasion this coming generation. Infamous is the most impressive PS4 title I've seen, and they have a very good opportunity with the early showcase to really make an impact. If they do manage to wow with Infamous, then that's just a big bonus because it'll help them with their next project in the future too. They need to knock this out of the park because Infamous can sell a lot this time. I have a good feeling about them though.

- Media Molecule's LBP has basically printed a lot of money for SCE. It's a unique title. So, their new project should hopefully be an interesting experiment at the least.

The other studios also have various things in the works, but the above five, are the ones who got the most attention in the West with their franchises. Some others will show up, and get their opportunity to shine, but I imagine, with ND and SSM dominating at the top, SP, MM and GG stand a good chance of joining them depending on how these next few years go.

On the Japan side:.

- PD print money. They are the Emperor of SCE developers. Expect PS4 GT between the latter half of next year and March 2015. They'll show up earlier this time.

- 'Unannounced JRPG 1' (one I've mentioned before) will end up appearing. And I'm sure this has a good chance to melt the hardcore. It should be successful, at least, on the level of Infamous or Killzone maybe.

- The Last Guardian will finally show up. So, people will finally get this title out of the way. I don't know what will happen with Team Ueda beyond this project, but they have talent, so I imagine they'll be integrated into SCEJ's other teams, or they might modify the team and give a new leader so they can continue with other projects. I really don't know though. It will be interesting.

- 'Unannounced JRPG 2' will be SCE's second attempt at a big game emulating FF. If this comes to fruition, and is successful, then there is a franchise opportunity which can be exploited. Probably the most experimental project as if it bombs, then they'll never touch anything like it again. I don't think it will though. With the advent of FF15, KH3, and the announcement of FF16 sometime between 2014-2015, Japan gamers will be ready for this. The big question mark is whether they can translate some of that success to the West which will obviously be an aim.

I think, right now, is the most exciting time at SCE WWS. Last generation, a lot of effort went into stabilising the developers, building IPs, re-structuring, and getting some real strength on the first party front. There were a lot of things happening. In a way, the effort was so Western focused, that SCEJ was slightly neglected. However, with the foundation there, all that is needed now is for SCE to fine tune things rather than re-vamp them. This means, the potential is there to expand tried and tested teams further, both in SCEA/SCEE and in SCEJ.

Basically, I'd expect even more content from SCE WWS with the PS4 than with the PS3. This will be a great time to be a Playstation owner, both for new IP, sequels to some existing IP, and maybe a few blasts from the past.