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(06-26-2007, 11:51 PM)
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F*CK MULTIPLATFORM RELEASES. They make buying a new game f*cking hard as hell and RUIN the experience.

I'm about ready to return the PS3 version right now after only playing the intro. No motion blur (after someone claimed it was in) and no AA. What, a small issue? Sure it is...but I want my experience to be tops and motion blur f*cking matters.

If you release on a single platform...what happens? That's right, the game looks and plays exactly as it should. Multiplatform though? Someone gets screwed. I know the 360 version was always shown and I should have went for it, but honestly, my PS3 needed some games and I don't trust my 360 hardware. I really hate the fact that my experience is now compromised. Rather than enjoying the game I can only think of what is missing. :( I really wish I weren't so picky, but there really isn't anything I can do about that now.

I wonder if Circuit City will allow me to return this for the 360 version? I honestly don't even want to play the game knowing that I'm missing out on something. I'm somewhat annoyed that someone made the claim that motion blur was present on PS3, though. Had I known that from the start I wouldn't have made this mistake.

For those who don't care, though, the framerate is fine and everything else seems equal.