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Platinum Trophy: Learned to Shit While Upright Again.
(07-18-2013, 01:12 AM)
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Originally Posted by CouldBeWorse

What's the significance of the 1 week 11 hours thing? What did this guy do to game the system?

Custom Firmware
Proxy Server
Sign Game Save Code as their Console ID/Account ID
Save Hack

A plethora of cheats/tricks to gain the system
He just used a combination where he earned trophies @ those certain times, so he can bypass the trophy leaderboards websites
Some are dumb and get hundreds of platinum within minutes, the trophy sites have ways to catch those
Others try to stack different timestamps, but still get caught if you go into their account and look for discrepancies

So CFW PS3's had been offline since that OFW release that would banhammer them
So most just accumulated ungodly amount of trophies by cheating with multiple ways till they can gain access to PSN again
Most ripped discs and abused saves/game code and got Platinums illegitimately
When a way was found to connect to the PSN w/o banning, most just synced their shit, and went legit and trying to stay under the radar
Some still do it


Yeah, this will escalate, quickly, if redsox gets doesn't get revoked, you damn well know those threads will be on fucking fire for those items coming up soon