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First of all let me start off by saying **** off to all of you who are trying to discredit me and the 360 problems. Now it was my 4th original console, my 6th console in total so I had 4 new boxed consoles and 2 refurbished units. Hereís my side of the story for whatever good it will do. I am lucky enough to have a high income job that allows me to have great benefits in life, I have my own house, I have multiple vehicles and a bit of excess income so in my household I have 3 HDTVís. Many of you canít even say you have one. Well story start with my house, itís about 15 years old and the main floor hardwood where my 360 and PS2 are was starting to rot due to a leaky pipe that caused mold so I had the entire flooring replaced. I contacted a friend who is a flooring contractor and with the help of my parents and uncle I had the entire main floor replaced with authentic Spanish tiles and had a design imprinted. If any of you have ever had construction done in your home you know that a lot of dust and debris occur during that time so I took my expensive electronics (360,PS2, receiver) and threw some sheets over the TV for the two weeks they were working on the floors. That weekend I seen a thread that a user posted that his console would tell him to input the DVD in his 360 console into a 360 even though the media was not a 360 game but a DVD movie. I quickly setup my 360, placing it on top of my sub which was not hooked up at the time and snapped a couple of shots. Posted them here on GAF and got some flak from the users, sure I lied about it being a subwoofer, Iím man enough to admit it, the sub was a better spot to place to put the 360 then on a very woolly carpet correct? After a couple of posts of questioning I denied it being a subwoofer, and made up a story, great, GAF, doing what it does best, went ****ing overboard discrediting all my other console failures. Soon after the incident I even had a representative from MS contacted me (Not Arne) about my consoles I explained the entire situation and was even invited into the repair/transit center here in Ontario. I canít go into details about what happened after that but I have a 360 thatís working flawlessly at the moment. Some of you may think Iím a 360 troll and whatnot but you donít know anything about me, in fact have 2 360 premium consoles with a library of over 20+ games, most of which I have currently lent out to people I work with. Why would I continue to spend money on a console I didnít like? I enjoy my 360 greatly, not enough to pay for Live. Itís hardware has a design flaw and is cheap and even MS has admitted to that by extending the warranty to 3 years from the purchase date.

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did he play any other consoles on top of a sub, and did they break or not?

Iíve had my PS3 folding with on it since launch, every once in a while my girlfriend and her younger sister (who is now living in my basement) take my wii down there and play together placing it on top of the sub with no issues at all. Nothing like Wii Tennis on a 65Ē HDTV, not that many of you can say the same.

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Using EGM wasn't a good idea at all. If the article this ends up driving any discussion online, once it comes out that one of the three people broke his own system (*multiple times*), people will write off the entire article as invalid.

Before accusing someone of breaking their own consoles get your facts straight, thanks.

I explained my entire story in great detail to the author of the article, including the subwoofer / wine cooler fiasco itís her choice to use my story or not. Evilore asked me if I wanted to participate and he knows a lot more about what happened then all of you, Kabouter and a handful of other members aside. Xbox zealots like Norse and others trying to discredit me donít phase me in the least. Thatís all I have to say on the subject, take it as it is, I wonít be returning here.