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Soriti Horse. Merges Solitaire and Horse Racing.

Release on July 31st for 500 Yen on the Japanese 3DS eShop.

Originally Posted by StreetsAhead

Game is divided into Solitaire Phase and Control Phase.

Solitaire Phase
: You play solitaire to improve the bond with your horse and make them run better.

Control Phase: You use the touch pen to navigate the courses, reacting to certain parameters and course attributes.

Races continue by switching between phases back and forth. In the final stretch, you use items and power you collected along the way, plus a whip to send your horse over the finish line. Raise your own horse, turn it in to a QR code and share it with others.

Self published (first GF game to be so).

500 yen, releases from 10AM on July 31st on the Nintendo eshop for 3DS.