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1. Monster Hunter Fronter G for PS3
2. Monster Hunter Fronter G for WiiU

3. Monster Hunter Frontier G for Taiwan

4. Onimusha Soul for consumer game platform (Vita?)

5. Euro Historia for Browsers

6. Monster Hunter Mezapolta Reclaimation for Browsers

7. Street Fighter Battle Combination for iOS/Android

8. Monster Hunter Big Hunting Quest for iOS/Android

9. Street Fighter x All Capcom for iOS/Android

10. Monhun Everyday Airu Life for iOS

11. Frontier of Discovery for iOS/Android

12. Codename: Rio for iOS/Android/Featurephones

13. Breath of Fire 6 for Browsers/iOS/Android/Yourmom/Mymom/Tears

Official sites:

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Euro Historia:

Street Fighter Battle Combination:
Street Fighter x All Capcom:

Monster Hunter Frontier G PS3/WiiU:
Monster Hunter Frontier G Taiwan:
Monster Hunter Mezepolta Reclaimation:
Monster Hunter Big Hunting Quest:

Breath of Fire 6: BoF6:

Codename: Rio: