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Originally Posted by eorl

Okay people seem to be somewhat confused and/or trolling in here, so let me clear some things up. First, Whore of the Orient is being developed by a few of the previous developers that worked for Team Bondi. This is a development team at Australian studio Kennedy Miller Mitchell (KMM) who previously worked on LA Noire, thus the similarities.

Whore of the Orient has been in flux for some time, with last known details back in May that revealed KMM received more funding for the title, and that it would be next-gen.Currently only one single screenshot has been seen besides this leaked footage, and details are still very slim. What you are seeing there is very pre-alpha footage I presume, so really there is no need to be stupid about the graphics or the performance.

Now we have 2 more screenshots... I wasn't bothered to upload them before.