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(08-21-2007, 06:03 AM)
Hello all Digg and Kotaku visitors! I've switched image hosting to try and keep the pictures up, but I don't know how long they'll hold. I'll try to have another backup ready in the eventuality. Also, I noticed a lot of Digg guys wanted to know the model of my PSU, it's an Antec Smartpower 350W.

Update: Now with grisly autopsy footage!

Literally, like shit blew up

I got the demo downloaded, updated to the latest drivers, and settled down to play the Bioshock demo. I wanted to set the proper mood, so the lights were off, the speakers turned up and the demo begun.

I was about 15 minutes into it, having very much enjoyed what I had seen so far, when I came upon the first Big Daddy encounter. I watch in rapt attention as he charges a splicer when suddenly BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM. It sounds as though a string of firecrackers has been detonated in my computer case, as well as each BOOM being punctuated with a bright blue flash coming through the case window.

For about half a second I sit there stunned. The first thought in my mind is "Holy Fucking Shit, that is the greatest effect I've ever seen. They should have given this game an 11." Immediately following this a sickening realization dawns on me as I look over at my tower. Blue Smoke! The magic blue smoke that makes electronics work is escaping from my PC.

What follows is a 30 second vaudeville act of me simultaneously cursing, falling as I try to leap out of my chair, and finally ripping the power cord from the wall. But the blue smoke was already out, and the smell of ozone in the air told me the bitter truth. Bioshock had fried my computer from the inside and blown the capacitors.

I took the victory into my living room and gave it some cursory revival attempts, but it was clear once the side panel was removed that it was gone. This all happened at about 8:30 CST, since which I've been endeavoring to bootstrap my old Pentium 3 back into working order. This involved a quick run to Walmart, as the damn thing is so old it doesn't have a built in NIC.

On the plus side, this errand allowed me to pick up a case of Fat Tire ale so that I might drink the pain away as I browse New Egg for a new computer.

A word of caution for anyone else planning on playing the Bioshock demo. THE GAME WAS SO FACE MELTINGLY AWESOME IT BLEW UP MY COMPUTER. Hopefully I can prevent further tragedies.

Update: Tuesday, August 21 2007

Acting Coroner Epiphyte

Externally subject appears undamaged, although a slight scent of ozone still lingers.
I'll begin by opening the case.

At first glance motherboard appears intact. I have removed the video card and sound card in order to make a closer examination of the capacitors.

On closer inspection, several capacitors (the three on the left) appear to show convex tops, indicating a buildup of pressure inside. However, I am unable to make a definitive diagnosis of failure at this time, further testing required.

As the motherboard has proved inconclusive, I will now move onto the power supply

The scent of burned electronics fills the air as the PSU casing is removed. Gross inspection reveals capacitor electrolyte has leaked from multiple sources, solidifying into a brown, gory lava.

OH GOD *sound of retching* ....the....the primary failure point appears to have been immolated, burning it beyond recognition

Coroner recommends that deceased's surviving family NOT be allowed to view the body.

In conclusion, the cause of death appears to be a concentrated surge of awesome, administered by an unknown 3rd party. Recommend that extreme caution be used in obtaining the source, as further casualties could result. WHAT HATH MAN WROUGHT!?

But don't take my word for it....

Killed by a concentrated dose of awesome?
I'd say this man's been.........