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Ok... so this is me making some jumps in logic which can get my "predictions" messed up from time to time. But what the hay, it's launch season and people are hungry for info so I'll do what I can. I'm not going to get specific, because I can't, but there's plenty of widespread rumors so... well, just bear with me. I can't be specific because I inadvertently drew a ton of a lot of attention to this thread.

There are a number of games coming to the PS4, obviously, that haven't been announced yet. For instance... it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the Uncharted 3 team doesn't have an announced game. They are obviously working on something for the PS4. Date wise it would make sense that it would holiday '14. Also God of War Ascension was from a new team in SSM and the main team hasn't released a game in a while. We don't know what Bend is doing. There are rumors about Guerilla's new IP but nothing solid has been announced. The only thing we really know about Japan Studio is that Cerny made a small team to make Knack.

So there's plenty in the works and there is plenty to announce. I was hoping that atleast some of it was going to be at gamescom but it seems like the more people I talk to that none of it is. I don't know this for absolute fact! Do not take this as absolute fact!!!!! But what I'm hearing over and over is that Sony is very confident about the launch. They feel like they are in a strong position. Internally they are projecting to sell out every system they can produce through march.

So if you're going to sell every unit you produce... why show the ace(s) up your sleeve?

That's what I've heard over and over. Microsoft has already announced Halo which is clearly a holiday '14 game. They are trying to make as big of a splash as possible in every effort to catch up. And they are slowly catching up... but not enough. Sony is still trending about 4 to 1 ahead of the xbox 1 in terms of preorders in NA. Four to one is crazy. Crazy crazy. Even if you don't believe sony's projections.... you don't change the entire vision of your console unless you are looking at numbers that scare the living shit out of you. It really is that dire for MS. This isn't to say they are done... or that they can't recover... because they obviously can. But going from owning NA and western europe to being behind there by 4 to 1 - especially when a lot of your money generation relies on services being offered there (tv tv tv gold, etc). If they don't win NA and atleast the UK the system will be a financial disaster for microsoft. They spent a lot more money than Sony did designing this system.

So anyway, back to my main point. Sony is in a solid position. The PS4 itself will sell PS4s for a while. They could obviously start announcing and showing holiday '14 games now... and I hoped they would, because I want to see them - but there really is nothing to be gained from it. You can't sell more than "all" of your consoles. And while Microsoft has laid out a lot of its cards for next year all we really know about the PS4 is that Infamous will be coming early and The Order will be happening at some point. Don't take that to mean that sony has no plans.... because I laid out above there are a ton of great teams that are dark as far as info goes. '14 is going to have a ton of amazing (and weird) PS4 announcements and games and more... but I don't think we're going to hear much about it at gamescom or TGS.

And that leads me to one last rumor. We all know that the Miyazaki, the director of Demon's Souls isn't working on Dark Souls 2. We know that he is working on something with a team at From Software. We know that he and his team have had a great relationship with Sony for 3 generations now. A lot of people, including me, thought that maybe gamescom, but more likely TGS, we would hear about this. What I'm hearing now is that it may not even be announced until after the launch. Pretty much for the same reasons as the other games not being talked about. Why talk about it now if you're already going to sell out your stock? I hope this is wrong, however. TGS needs something huge.

So... I hope this gives enough info to read between the lines. But I just wanted to temper expecations a bit because I've been crazy hyped about Gamescom because there's still so much stuff to show... and more and more it sounds like it won't be there. The VGAs will have their biggest announcements for holiday '14. GDC in march will have a ton of info and (hopefully) some surprising hardware related info for the vita, ps4 and PS3... and should be when Gaikai is on full display. E3 will be nuts.

Gamescom though.... I think it's going to be what we know already plus the launch date (I've heard so many conflicting things on this... I'll just say my opinion is that the october date is possible and what i'm hoping for... but mid november is what I would bet on. I lose a lot of bets though).