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sweet billy
(09-13-2007, 01:55 AM)
hey everyone...adam orth here.

a couple of things:

i was surprised at how dave presented our conversation on his blog today. yes, i agreed to it, but i didn't realize he was going to present it as "look what he said" and include a photoshopped image. i simply thought it was going to be an interesting look at one of the many discussions we have daily about games and design etc. i've spoken with dave about this and we're on the same page with me being unhappy about it, but that's life. dave is a public guy and i'm not. i didn't fully understand the ramifications of what him posting our innocent conversation would have. lesson learned.

i stand by my opinion of the commercial. i felt it was disrespectful and i don't need to justify that to OR for anyone. it's just an opinion. i don't really understand why it matters to anyone, but if it does, that's your prerogative. enjoy!

i'm not a fan of the halo series either. it's just not my thing. if it's your thing? great. enjoy!

i'm proud of the work i've done on all the games i've made and am making. some were great, some were not. i think alot of people who post here don't actually make games and those are the people who think that 1 or 2 people are responsible for the outcome of the final product. obviously that isn't true. so to pinpoint me for not making "great games" like halo and not being allowed to have an opinion about games until i make the next halo doesn't make much sense. if you want to believe that? enjoy!

to the people who don't like medal of honor. great. don't play it. i used to make those games and i loved doing it. are they the best games ever? no, but it was a great, great experience that millions of people around the world loved and continue to love. i don't work there anymore, but i support my friends efforts and always look forward to their next effort.

i work for sony. i regret getting involved in this situation with david and i'd hate to have our IM conversation reflect badly on sony as a company. that's the thing that bothers me the most, because it has nothing to do with them. i made a mistake and even though i stand by my opinions 100%, i'm a little embarrassed about this.

at the end of the day, we're talking about VIDEO GAMES. everyone needs to remember that. we aren't changing the's just entertainment and today i learned a lesson about that that i wont forget. in the big picture, none of this is really that important.

finally, i'm totally open to having halo 3 blow me away.

thanks for listening and if anyone wishes to contact me further, you may do so at

- adam.