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(08-26-2013, 11:41 AM)
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It's that time of the year again. Get ready for the Smartphone future!


- Wonder Flick is a f2p RPG with character creation/customization and full 3D battles. Service on iOS/Android starts in Nov 2013, PS3/PS4/XB1/WiiU service is due to start sometime in 2014.

- Majin Station is a collaboration with Razest, because they have more experience in developing crappy card battle RPGs for social mobile environments. They paid the anime studio Khara a lot of money to make a full CG trailer too. No gameplay footage or screens available. Coming this Winter to iOS/Android.

- Layton 7 is a brand new direction for the Layton IP. It's a Role Playing Puzzle game, where you can apparently "role play" as different characters in a miniature 3D town of some sort. Looks weird and stupid. Coming for iOS/Android/3DS at some point.

- Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy hits the 3DS in two different flavors in Winter 2013.

- The Guild series has sold over 400k units on the eShop so far, half of which are from overseas buyers.

- duckroll is dead.

Wonder Flick pics:

Layton7 pics: