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(08-26-2013, 01:34 PM)
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Tri Ace havent made a game under Square Enix in quite a while (stealth troll Valkryie Profile 3 thread) &. Tri Ace's last big game Resonance of Fate was published by Sega i think?.

Did they have an internal falling out or something? they had that magic together man :(

Edit: just released they helped with FFXIII-2, didnt know that, i dont play the Final Fantasy games anymore anyways. Then again its an S-E ip still..

EDIT 2: All hope lost, Ducky with the Ether post #9:

Originally Posted by duckroll

tri-Ace is pretty much on their last legs. They've been taking any sort of work they can just to pay their employees but nothing makes money and no one wants to work with them anymore. After a few PSP games and a bomba 3DS for Konami, they even tried developing a social browser game which ran like crap, and the service was closed after a few months. Give up on the developer.