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Originally Posted by megashock5

If I don't open this thing and set up my PSN account until December 25, I'm still good on getting the PS+ edition of Driveclub, correct?

The PS+ Edition of DRIVECLUB will be available well into the new year, so no need to worry.

Originally Posted by LiquidMetal14

I just want to know what the price will be to upgrade from the PS+ version. I hope it's a modest discount. I'd buy the game for 60 or just get the free Plus version and pay 20-30 for the upgrade to full.

Originally Posted by Phoenixazure

I hope there is a way to upgrade from the ps+ version to the full version for a discount.

There will be a discount to upgrade to the full digital edtion from the PS+ edition, but prices won't be announced for a few more weeks yet.

Originally Posted by magawolaz

- Going by what the Blog said, the upgrade from PS Plus Edition to full game will still be tied to PS+ subscription; is that correct? Any idea about the price? Edit: Missed your previous post.
- With the PS Plus Edition will we be able to 'finish' the game/earn all the trophies?
- In some trailers you can see the rear-view mirror reflecting the interiors of the car, but that's not the case during gameplay. Is it just for trailers, or will it be on the game once it ships?
- Is there going to be a photo mode? I love the pics you guys are posting on twitter :)
- Are you capturing these videos with PS4 recording feature?
- Is it feasible to upload these clips also on That site has very little compression on videos (and lately I can't stand youtube)

- When you upgrade from the PS+ Edition you get the full digital edition content.
- You can earn the platinum trophy in the PS+ Edition, remember its the full game minus a few cars/tracks.
- Rear-view mirrors as you've seen in the latest direct feed footage just show the environment - you'd be surprised how limited the visibility in the mirrors are for a lot of these cars and for gameplay purposes we want to give the best visibility.
- We are working on a photo mode, but that's all I can say about it right now.
- You guys wanted uncompressed footage and obviously the PS4 capture utilises some form of video compression to ensure the videos aren't ridiculously large (the raw direct feed videos we captured are 6GB for 2 minutes of footage).
- We're working on alternative solutions for trying to get the highest quality vids up online quickly by ourselves.

Originally Posted by Foshy

This has probably already been answered, but is there split-screen multiplayer in this game?

No Split-Screen I'm afraid.

Originally Posted by mrklaw

Not sure if the US has the same deal, but in Europe if you buy the full driveclub game (physical or digital) you get 50% off a 12 month PS+ sub

So for me at least, there is a nice sliding scale that can be applied.
- get free PS+ version at launch to check it out
- if I like it, buy full version with 50% off a year of PS+
- if upgrade cost to full version is less, do that instead

The US get a similar deal: "Purchase Driveclub at retail or digitally via PlayStation Store, and you’ll get a free 3-Month PlayStation Plus Trial"

Originally Posted by Juancho9

Rushy, just tell me everything is going to be fine.

Everything is going to be just fine.