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-You can interrupt enemy attacks by timing
-You can play co-op with a second player controlling the flame fairy dude

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Xbox 360, Wii U, PS3, PC, Xbox One and PS4

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I was able to play a brief demo of Child of Light during the Ubisoft Digital Day event in San Francisco last week. The demo, which included a few encounters culminating in a boss fight, was understandably brief, but didn't diminish the game's beauty. While navigating potent vistas ripped from a watercolor painting, and foreboding caves inspired by old fairy tales, a pleasant and steady tickling of the ivories heralded my arrival to each new map.

There are no random encounters in Child of Light; rather, you see every enemy within the environment and, upon touching them, are thrust into battle. Child of Light's battle system is a variant of the Active Time Battle system employed in the Final Fantasy series. At the bottom of the screen, a bar shows how long it will take for enemy actions (and those of your own) to initiate; casting big spells or employing special moves will increase or decrease your attack timing, so planning is paramount.

Polygon forgot to put up a preview, but here are some screens:

There's lots of art at the link.

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