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So you think that 4K isn't enough for you?Well you've come to the right place!

The secret behind this method

SoftTH is a program that allows you to run games using 2/3 or more monitors without special hardware. You can see a diagram here to understand how it works.But even though the program's main purpose is to run games in multi-monitor setups you can use it to run games at resolutions above 4K with one monitor only , think of it as Internal Rendering Resolution.

Wait, what?That's CRAZY, what do i need?

Here's the tricky part ,if you try to run a game at crazy resolutions most of the image will be out of your monitor borders when you apply that resolution much like when you view a 4K image on an 1080p monitor without shrinking it to fit in.Here's when the program D3D Looking Glass comes in handy ,this forces games not only to run in window mode even if there's no ingame/ini option to run but also FAKES fullscreen.D3D Looking Glass along with SRWE/Windowed Borderless Gaming will be your best friends here.

So to sum up you will need the following:

1) SoftTH | Download here , latest version is SoftTH v2.08b
2) D3D Looking Glass | Download here
3) SRWE/Windowed Borderless Gaming | Download SRWE here (make sure to read Neoenigmas guide here) & Windowed Borderless Gaming here
4) Patience | Can't do anything about that


1) This method doesn't work with ALL games and even with the help of the guide you'll need some basic info for each game.For that part there will be a post & a list with all the games that work plus instructions for each one.

2) Games that work best are the ones that have an option for window mode or they can be forced with a program (Unreal Engine 3 games seem to be the most successful) so you can use Extreme resolutions while shrinking the game to fit your monitor

3) Sometimes the game may crash if you have MSI Afterburner running in the background so make sure you've enabled compatibility with modified Direct3D runtime libraries for each game or close it completely if it keeps crashing.In addition disable Steam Overlay (thanks Neoenigma)

4) If you have two or more monitors make sure to disable them and keep only the primary ,this method works for one monitor only

5) Only DX9 games work , although older versions supported DX8. A DX11 update may come in the near future

Ok ,now GIVE ME the damn guide

Follow the instructions

A) Download SoftTH and extract the d3d9.dll in the same folder where the game executable is (Same rules as with SweetFX)

B) Run the game and the program will ask you to create the default configuration ,the game then launches.CHANGE to Window mode from the ingame menu if it's available.

-B1) The program auto detects how many monitors are available and the resolution of each one.Sometimes it helps if you change your desktop resolution to the maximum resolution you can downsample from.

C) Exit the game and then open SOFTTHCONFIG File with a text editor (like notepad). The only thing you want to change is the "renderResolution" ,change it to whatever your gpu/s can handdle ,save it. (i tested resolutions up to 5120x2880 (5K) & 7680x4320 (8K)

The tricky Part (The BIG IF)

C1) IF the game has a window mode option which you applied in step "B" then you must use D3D Looking Glass.Extract the two files in the folder where the executable is and run the Loader with Administrator rights.Select a resolution (1920x1200 works) and press "Install Hook".

You can then open the game and CHANGE from Window Mode to Fullscreen.The game will still be in Window mode thanks to D3D Looking Glass.You can then select/change resolutions like you normally do from the game options

C2) IF the game does not have a window mode option you must still use D3D Looking Glass and pray that it will work.Extract the two files in the folder where the executable is and run the Loader with Administrator rights.Select a resolution (1920x1200 works) and press "Install Hook".

Then open the game and hopefully it will be in window mode.Try and change resolutions and see if it works properly (Mirror's Edge works that way)

C3) Some games don't require the use of D3D Looking Glass when they have an ingame window option ,Alan's Wake & Hard reset works that way.

C4)You can always use SRWE to align the window with or even use Fake Fullscreen if the game window is either small or slightly left/right to your screen.

F) Capture some screens with MSI Afterburner (FRAPS doesn't work correctly most of the time) to ensure that the image is indeed the resolution you used.

G) You can also use SweetFX ,it works only with the Boulotaur2024 version since it supports external wrappers. Rename the d3d9.dll from the SoftTH into something else (like SoftTH.dll) ,extract SweetFX to the same folder ,open SweetFX settings and at the bottom change the "external_d3d9_wrapper = none" to "external_d3d9_wrapper = SoftTH.dll" or whatever you named the dll.

H) You're Done!!

That's fantastic! but i can barely run games in 4K, what's the point doing this?

Well this is clearly not for everyone ,BUT It can come in handy for people that cannot downsample from 4K but have the GPU power to use it (that applies to AMD's GPUs as well)

Also this is a solution for people that are into screenshootting games with crazy hardware setups and are bound with the 4K Downsampling restriction on 1080p/1200p monitors.

Until the post with the games list is made i'll temporary keep here the following games that are working great:

- Mirror's Edge (requires D3D Looking Glass)
- Remember Me (requires D3D Looking Glass)
- Hard Reset (ingame option for Window mode)
- Alan's Wake (ingame option for Window mode)
- Lost Planet Extreme Conditions (ingame option for Window mode)
- Condemned: Criminal Origins (requires D3D Looking Glass)
- Dishonored (requires D3D Looking Glass)
- Borderlands 2 (requires D3D Looking Glass) - Thanks Neoenigma
- Kane & Lynch 2 (requires D3D Looking Glass & disable ingame Ambient Occlusion)
- Half Life˛ (ingame option for Window mode , can go up to 6400x3600 ,higher resolutions causes mouse problems)
- Deadlight (requires D3D Looking Glass)
- Bioshock DX9 only (requires D3D Looking Glass)
- GTA IV (requires D3D Looking Glass) - Thanks Nic Clapper