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Originally Posted by Oisin

I was the guy who originally posted this image. For the record:

  • There's no price in the catalog, so I don't know if this will be $299, like the Zelda bundle.
  • I'm 90% sure it's legit. Don't think Smyths would have put something in their Winter catalog if they weren't 100% sure it was going to exist.
  • The box also says "+ Bonus Videos". Not sure if that means videos of people playing the Mario games (like those posted by Nintendo on Miiverse) or trailers of upcoming games. Just something to thing about.
  • I can't make out if the photo says "2 Games Included!" or "2 Game Preinstalled!". The picture in the brochure is super low quality. I sent an email to Smyths, they might send me on a higher quality pic.

Originally Posted by Aquamarine

Here's another image:

Just saw this on Twitter; apparently from a big toy shop named Smyths (Ireland)