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(09-21-2013, 07:58 AM)
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What wattage is the Xbox One rated at?

200 Watts, 250?

Just so you can change a tiny bit faster?

You still have to switch controllers

I don't get why anyone would seriously consider this personally

Originally Posted by Albert Penello

I'm very tired, sitting in a lounge getting ready to head back to Seattle.

I'll get back with a more detailed story, but long story short it won't be a great experience, and I indicated as much in the interview which wasn't included. HDMI latency is fine for video feeds, but not great interactive.

Its also funny to me that this was basically a quick question I was asked after a UI demo, which I answered, but its written like I made a big deal about it...

Good to hear from you albert

Wonder what the lag is from then

Thought it was just a pass through but I guess it requires software too?