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(09-21-2013, 05:57 PM)
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The whole interview can be found there, but here's a little summary:
-TAY is being made for smartphones because last year's FFIV iOS version did so well worldwide they decided to give the sequel the same treatment.
-This version's being remade in full 3D, and some game balance changes are being made to make it easier to play considering all chapters will be available from the start, unlike the original version where new chapters were distributed monthly.
-Going through the game should take about 50 hours.
-Regarding the price of this version, Tokita says that something around what FFIV's current smartphone version costs seems fair.
-The game is nearly done and they're on the debug phase right now.
-They've received many request to get VA, which Tokita thinks is a good idea, but the problem is the cost that brings.
-Tokita has been reading comments from Twitter after the announcement.
-Along with TAY's smartphone version, Tokita is working on two other titles. One is all new and should be announced early next year, while the other should be announced at next year's TGS.
-As closing comments, Tokita comments how FFIII, FFIV and FFV's smartphone ports have had worldwide success and he hopes people who haven't played those titles along with TAY, specially the ones overseas, give the titles a chance in these new releases.

Some off screen shots as well: