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I felt I would break this out since I have seen people wonder about how successful Square Enix's iOS games gave been.

For lots more information about FF4:TAY's 3D remake on iOS and more about Square Enix on iOS, see Goli's excellent thread here:

Originally Posted by Goli
The whole interview can be found there, but here's a little summary:
-TAY is being made for smartphones because last year's FFIV iOS version did so well worldwide they decided to give the sequel the same treatment.
-As closing comments, Tokita comments how FFIII, FFIV and FFV's smartphone ports have had worldwide success and he hopes people who haven't played those titles along with TAY, specially the ones overseas, give the titles a chance in these new releases.

He kind of implies one more remake is in the works as well:

-Along with TAY's smartphone version, Tokita is working on two other titles. One is all new and should be announced early next year, while the other should be announced at next year's TGS.