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George Claw M.D.
(09-28-2013, 12:22 PM)
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I see a lot of people quick to dismiss the source article due to it being from the Examiner, where "anyone can contribute." But I recognized the author's name from an earlier thread where his credibility was also questioned. The author is GAF's Pitmonkey, who has also posted a couple of times in this thread, albeit not presenting himself as the article's author for those of us who don't know. But reading that old thread that discussed his credibility and sources, it seems he was vindicated. Not saying that it makes this particular article true, but Mr. Gigantes does have a bit of a track record with rumors, and GAF has already done a bit of vetting on him in the past.

And here's his post in this thread, for those who may have glossed over it, not knowing he was the author:

Originally Posted by Pitmonkey

"Definitive" version was intended in comparison between the Xbox and PS4 - both are slated for 30FPS.