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(10-07-2013, 04:30 PM)
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Here's what Sony told me:

Sony is not and would not force anyone to buy something they don’t want. We value our consumers and offered the bundles precisely to give them choice and value. And the key word there is choice.

We continue to work closely with our retail partners to ensure we offer this choice against the challenges of managing demand and inventory in the climate of amazing excitement and unprecedented demand for PlayStation 4.

We updated the article with another follow up from our source too, which was edited for grammar:

Centresoft who handle the UK distribution of Sony products called all retailers (80% independent names including, SimplyGames etc, as well as supermarkets) and stated that the allocation of CONFIRMED pre-orders for independent retailers were now comprised of 50% solus machines and 50% bundles. We were given a couple of Mega packs, 9 Killzone bundles and 3 Watch_Dogs packs. All of which are the same bundles being offered to everyone.

However, when I asked if customers chose not to have a Killzone pack, would they be entitled to a solus machine that was originally allocated, we were informed no.

Other retailers were informed they were to take additional DualShock 4s for a high attach rate for the machines, again meaning “forced” bundles being offered by the likes of SimplyGames and whomever else is being told this. Again this is being sold to us by Centresoft. They are the only official channel other than being direct with Sony in the UK.

This basically means that customers who don’t wish to upgrade to any of the bundles we have left (believe me when I say Killzone ISN’T in our top 10 of pre-ordered titles) are being left in the dark or on the wave 2 list of stock which is not guaranteed before Christmas.

Amazon, Play, Game etc are all direct with Sony, Sony will cater for them far more than they will for supermarkets and Independent as the market share is piss all compared to the volume online sites sell.

It may just be Centresoft forcing these on us and it wouldn’t be the first time but I can state this is what I have been informed by the representatives I speak to on a daily basis.